Our Fleet


Sea Breeze

7 to 16 Passengers,
Fast 43′ Delta

Perry VanOver, Skipper/Owner


Four Sea'sons

Four Sea’sons

7 to 16 Passengers
Fast 50′ Rawson

Joshua Schenk, Skipper
Pat Schenk, Owner



6 Passengers
Fast 43’ Delta

Tom Prozialeck, Skipper/Owner



7 to 14 Passengers
Fast 42′ Rawson

Dan Schenk, Skipper/Owner

Sea Quest


6 Passengers

Fast 32′ Rawson

Tim Harrell, Skipper/Owner


7 to 16 Passengers

Pat Schenk, Skipper/Owner


Salty Dog

7 to 16 Passengers

Fast 43′ Delta

Jeremy Plummer, Skipper

Steve Sohlstrom, Skipper/Owner

USCG-lic-capOne US Coast Guard Licensed Captain on board all of our 6 passenger boats for every 8-12 hour trip.

One US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, plus crew are on board on all of our 7 to 16 passenger boats.

We can accommodate from individual fisherman to parties up to 20 fishermen for Salmon, Bottom, and Halibut, and 12 on Albacore, however we normally carry less to allow more room for everyone on board.